300 series

MITEC-T 300 series offers a lot of possibilities to work. An automatic impulse welding machine with the ability to do overlaps, pockets and zippers. Optional accessories are available to increase the fuction and operation of the machine.

Main specifications (standard):

  • Welding length available: 4, 5 or 6 meters (13 - 16,5 - 20 feet).
  • Welding width available: 6, 8, 10, 12, 19 o 24 millimeters (1/4", 1/3", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" or 1").
  • 7" color touch screen.
  • Front and rear fabric holders
  • LED ligthting.
  • Control and programming of the following paramters:
    • Time based heating and cooling control.
    • Temperature control with temperature sensors (ºC/ºF).
    • Pre-heating temperature to achieve a constant welder temperature for more quality results.
    • Welding program storage, temperature graphics and parameters display.
    • Work sequencies (for working in automatic with different opertations in 1 program).
  • Automatic pocket process (manual adjust for the height of the pocked, between 18 and 80 mm.
  • Tools included:
    • Manual stopedges (for overlaps) (1 unit for each meter of machine).
    • Magnets (2 units for each meter of machine).
  • Easy welder change
  • Different welders working range (using same transformers).
  • Safety light curtains connected to safe PLC (approved safety elements).
  • Safe pneumatic control valve.
  • Run by foot switch.
  • Air pressure 6 bar.
  • 400 / 230 3 Phase.

*Feet and inches dimensions are aproximate from metric system.

**Electrical power cable and air supply needed for the machine (not included).

MITEC-T machines are build under CE safety rules

  • Tape roll holder
  • Customized guides and storage inside machine
  • Controlled slowdown welding bar
  • Motorized pocket position (electronic position)*
  • Barcode reader
  • Electronic pressure control system**
  • Additional welders
  • Extended side with safety mat (for lateral works)
  • Electrical power cable (required lenght)
  • Remote assistance (LAN / WIFI) for after sales service

*The options that includes electronic positioning allow adjustsments for fabrics using offsets.

**The electronic pressure control system allows automatic adjustment the pressure of the machine in each moment of the welding cycle and displays the pressure charts related to this fuction.

  • Custumized fabric roll holder
  • Automatic edge guides (for overlaps) (manual adjustment)
  • HMI screen on rear part of machine (instead of front)
  • 30 or 40mm welder
  • Liquid cooled welding bars
  • Wheels
  • Working height per client specifications
  • Data acquisition
  • Special solutions (engineering service)